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Entrepreneurial Edge: Nubian Cosmetics

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

A face beat has become a highly popularised term used to describe a full face of makeup, meticulously applied from every angle including a pair of long eyelashes, a daring eyeshadow look, a distinct yet equally subtle contour look, a seamless blend of foundation down to your neck and more.

Some argue that a face beat could easily mean a complete facial transformation so much so that one may not recognise you without a full face of makeup the next day.

Well on our entrepreneurial edge today we have the founder of Nubian Cosmetics, a local make-up range which has been produced by a lady by the name of Sfisosethu Mehana.

Sethu will be taking shedding light on how a young woman from Mdantsane in East London came to establish her own make-up brand.

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